Lightspoke Challenge

What is the Lightspoke Challenge?
You’ve got problems — we’ve got solutions. Lightspoke is so easy to use, we can build your application for free. That’s right, free. No strings attached. Tell us your needs and we’ll whip out a beta-quality version of a solution for you in hours.

How can we possibly do this? It’s simple. Lightspoke is so powerful we can build most applications with very little effort. It’s like a power tool for business problems.

Customer Self-Service

Situation: An online technical support company had a great product in the growing area of remote help desk support services. However, their 500 pound guerrilla competitor Plum Choice was beating them to market.

Challenge: Match their #1 competitor’s market penetration while offering a superior service for less.

Problem: Hiring consultants to build a web site that enabled customers to register and sign up for service was costly and time consuming. Client was looking at months before being able to go to market.

Solution: Lightspoke was able to create an application to help internal staff manage service requests easily. But the real value was in Lightspoke’s ability to quickly and cost-effectively extend that application to the client’s website. Within 2 weeks, they was up and running with a web site that could guide customers through the process of registering for service. Sales went from a couple new sign up a week to 8 sign-ups a day.

Sales Channel Contact Management

Situation: A financial products firm had to manage a sales channel made up of employees, independent reps and champions inside financial institutions. To keep sales on target, they needed a system that get their team “on the same page” by tracking contacts and activities.

Problem: Distributing contact notes, sharing calendars, tracking contact information and notifying team members took too much time. The team was swamped with emails with the wrong version, duplicate contact information and calendaring conflicts.

Solution: Stop the email and excel “hell” by centralizing information on a single system. Since Lightspoke is a truly relational engine, Cuna’s complex relationships were a snap to handle. Calendars are now shared across the organization and updated in real time. Auto-notification features intelligently email team members of changes in the account / contact information.

Result: The company was able to spend more time making sales and less time being frustrated with mis-information. They were able to bring their system online within 2 weeks.

Corpmail Host Email Self-Service

Situation: Corpmailhost has thousands of customers that depend on their corporate email servers. Support costs were increasing due to the sheer number of small requests and account management issues.

Problem: Corpmailhost needed a system that would allow its customers to self-service. Although their current email servers performed like champs under load, it had no web-based self service interface suitable for their customers.

Solution: Lightspoke offered a self-service portal for Corpmailhost customers to self-service. Initial integration was performed so new registrations were automated. Account management was completely taken care of by Lightspoke.

Result: Corpmailhost was able to focus their attention on getting new customers, being more profitable and providing a better customer experience.

Health Care Claims Adjudication

Situation: A health care claims adjudication company had the best claims adjudication process around. However, to increasing revenues and profitability required a process more transparent to the customer and capability to out source certain functions.

Problem: Getting traditional web developers to program the complexity of their claims adjudication process was a daunting task.

Solution: The claims adjudication company turned to Lightspoke and was able to use mimic their process on the web. Customers gained transparency into the status of their accounts and were able to receive their reports faster. They were able to effectively off load certain pieces of their work by outsourcing.

Result: Today, HIA is in a position to effectively become highly profitable in a high growth industry.

International Real Estate Investment System

Situation: An international real estate investment concern, needed an integrated contact and deal management system to increase deal flow and track portfolio performance.

Problem: Customer had over 3000 contacts to manage and stay in constant contact with. Furthermore, every deal had multiple parties involved, needing a deal management system. Typical CRM software did not offer a system capable of integrating the two systems together.

Solution: Lightspoke’s contact management system tied directly to a deal management system that tracked what this real estate investment firm needed to keep tabs of.

Result: Real estate investment company was able to gain a competitive advantage through better deal flow. With the system, they were able to close more lucrative deals and push them through faster.

Financial Reporting System

Financial Reporting System

Situation: An international commercial vehicle concern rolled their own custom financial reports by hand. These reports had to be produced at the dealership, region, country and corporate levels. They were used by upper management to make large scale decisions as well as at the regional and dealership levels to help manage sales teams.

Problem: Hand rolling these reports every month was tedious and error prone. Distributing the correct version of the report was difficult and frustrating. Sales associates, managers and regional managers wanted to drill down into the reports but did not have access to do so.

Solution: Lightspoke’s customized financial reporting solution allowed the reports to be generated automatically, archived for long term performance analysis, fully secured to allow individuals from different levels of security to drill down into the data.

Result: The solution allowed all parties to be informed at the level of detail they required. Finally, a single company with many locations acting under a single version of the truth.

Online Application Forms Integration

Situation: A financial products agency hosts many lending programs on their website. They needed a way to integrate their online application forms to a database system and also have the system automate and help manage the post application business processes.

Problem: Online applicants were piling up and the firm needed a way to manage all the business at hand. Many leads could be automatically followed up on via automated emails to complete applications or ask post application questions. Other leads could be better managed through an orderly process.

Solution: Lightspoke’s web integration component allowed the online applicant information to be stored. The solution utilized automatic mechanisms that could send template mail merged emails to the application when it made sense to do. Mass emailing mechanism enabled the firm to stay in contact with all customers.

Result: The financial products agency was able expand their product line and its number of customers easily. They also improved their success ratios due to automated emails and better management of applicants.

Events, Attendees and Volunteers Management

Situation: A student programs organization needed to have hundreds of members of the student body login, manage their own profiles, enroll for events, volunteer for events and track release forms.

Problem: Tracking hundreds of members across many events per season in several classes proves to be a daunting task. Paper management required too much time to manage. Payments were difficult to track.

Solution: Lightspoke’s web integration component allowed the student programs website to provision their members with their own accounts, have them sign release forms online and also enroll and volunteer for events. Payments were also track via Lightspoke so a report could indicate which members owed money.

Result: The student programs organization was able to manage hundreds of members, minimize risk in release forms and the members were able to spend less time by self serve.

Brokerage Sales Order Invoicing System

Situation: A manufacturers rep needed to track samples, quotes, orders, invoices and payments. Their ability to effectively track orders and pull sales reports allows them to effectively run their brokerage.

Problem: Tracking thousands of orders for several manufacturers and product lines across hundreds of customers with different locations is difficult to do with a spreadsheet. Moreover, different customers and product lines had special prices, contract prices and seasonal prices. Quotes sent needed to be tracked and followed up on. Sales order logistics hampered business.

Solution: Lightspoke was able to accommodate for complex prices and customized business logic for different manufacturers, product lines and customers. Each contract price could be create in the system and tracked and managed. Quotes can be recorded and automatically tuned into a sales order. Invoices could be automatically generated.

Result: Customers and principles were able to place orders smoothly. Sales associates spend more time working with customers. Managers get real time birds eye view of sales.