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I have a dilemma with my relationship

I really need some sound advice i have been in a relationship with an inmate for almost 2 years now. However he claims to love me and all that and because he is were he is i dont really believe it well i dont really trust any guys. Anyway hes is about to be released in 7 months and i feel like maybe i should just break up with him because he is a very attractive and sexy guy and i feel that he wont be able to turn down all the offers he may get especially being that he has done so much time. I feel like him being released is going to cause me stress, and competition for my man once he sees all these women with the things i dont have he will be history I dont know what to do may be due to the fact my selfesteem hasnt always been its best i dont know but should i just end it before he gets out is the question to avoid unnessasary agony? should i give him a chance? Also i see that my selfesteem issues are already taking its toll on our relationship please help

If you think you cant trust him, then set him free. If he really love you he won’t accept the breakup. But if he really had and affair he could just be mixing around with people. Don’t worry as long as he keep in touch always with you. You have nothing to worry about. When he stop contacting with you just forget him.Im sure theres a better guy coming to your life. Thats why you lose sombody. Try this thing out. It will be such a surprise.