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Easy Web Database

Take the Lightspoke Challenge. Tell us your needs and we’ll whip out a beta-quality version of a solution for you in hours. How can we possibly do this? It’s simple.

Lightspoke is so powerful we can build most applications with very little effort. It’s like a power tool for business problems. Most applications in Lightspoke does not require programming knowledge and can be easily tweaked to stay relevant to your business process.

So go ahead, take the challenge ÔÇö and start working smarter today!

Innovative Web Database Smart Web Database

Connect: Get your staff, partners and customers on the same page.
Automate: Have Lightspoke help you pro actively manage your business process.
Manage: Make sure nothing falls through the cracks and get a birds eye view into your operations.

Best Web Database Web Database Ready

Contact us to learn more about specifc industry solutions:

* Sales CRM

* Manufacturers Reps

* Call Center (B2B)

* Referral Management

* Property Management

* Service / Work Order

* Project Management

* Asset Tracking

* Customer Self Service

Web Database Finance Web Database Success
Customized Fit
Lots of companies just wanted to have me work from a canned template. I’m sure that works for some people, but not for my service business. Lightspoke was just what I needed.